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Refund & Exchange Policy

Refund / Exchange Policy

As long as we sell Digital and downloadable products and once sent can’t usually be returned. We offer only refunds if you did not get your purchased files or the files are not complete..

you may ask for samples if you are not sure about the textbook edition or ISBN number.

Refunds can not be issued for any of the following reasons :

  • 1


The test bank did not meet your expectations.
  • 2

    You can not open the compressed file(s).If we believe this issue in on our end, we then replace the files for you or refund the purchase.

  • 3

    You believe that the the study guide has insufficient content. We combine all chapters for any textbook, furthermore, you can always ask for a sample to eliminate any confusion.

  • 4

    Your purchased the wrong edition.
  • 5

    You thought you were purchasing the textbook.